[EN] Statement „Glissando” 3.10.2016


1) In light of recent events, we feel the need to voice our concern over the situation of women in contemporary music.

2) Last year we conducted a statistical research on the International Festival Of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn” that revealed the extent of systemic discrimination against female composers.

3) Female composers accounted for only 20 percent of the total number of participants of the Warsaw Autumn Festival in the years 2008-2016.

The share of female composers by year:

2008: 14%
2009: 11%
2010: 22%
2011: 23%
2012: 27%
2013: 21%
2014: 20%
2015: 16%
2016: 24%

The Warsaw Autumn is not an exception, as the statistics are similar for the vast majority of music festivals in Poland and Europe. However, we have always expected and will be expecting more from the Warsaw Autumn. We believe that it can start profound changes in the whole new music society.

4) Glissando’s contributors represent various political views. We are proud that our cooperation and friendship rise above political divisions.

5) However, we speak with one voice on systemic discrimination of women in the music industry. We cannot ignore the fact that only one in four pieces performed at a major music festival in Poland is composed by a woman.

6) There has been much discussion about the challenges facing the new director of the Warsaw Autumn, Jerzy Kornowicz. One of them is to work towards pieces by female composers of both the 20th and 21st centuries representing 50% of its overall programming.

7) Every composer should be judged on her/his merit alone. Any concerns about the quality of works composed by women are the effect of harmful stereotypes, social prejudice, insufficient knowledge. It’s time to take the responsibility for decisions, whether conscious or not, made within the system of contemporary music.

8) We call for  equality between female and male composers. It must be noted that compared to other European countries, female composers are better represented and enjoy greater prestige in Poland. This is one of our greatest assets. The Warsaw Autumn should be a musical celebration of both male and female creativity.


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